Chic Layering Ideas To Beat the Chills This Fall

Chic Layering Ideas To Beat the Chills This Fall

Sep 3rd 2021

Fall weather can be fickle. When you have layering options on hand, though, you can stave off those chilly winds and create a new look while you’re at it! With these chic layering ideas to beat the chills this fall, you can stay warm while looking your best.

The Three-Layer Strategy

To ensure you stay cozy while rocking this season’s best pieces, divide your outfits into three layers: the base, the middle, and the outer layer. You can shed one or two layers during warmer moments or bundle up in all three when the temperature drops.

The Base Layer

For your base layer, you’ll want something that sticks close to the skin to keep you cozy. A thermal shirt or long-sleeved tee in a solid color will go perfectly with the rest of your layering pieces. To keep your legs warm, you can wear thick leggings. These work well beneath pants or dresses.

The Middle Layer

Here’s where you get creative! Dig out your sweater collection, or treat yourself to a cozy new cardigan. Flannel shirts have been a popular choice for decades, and you can pair one with a graphic tee for extra warmth and visual interest. Tyler’s is the perfect Texas apparel store for fall layers. Check out our selection of knit sweaters and vests for ultimate flair and comfort. On warmer days, you can easily shed these middle layers without cramping your style.

The Outer Layer

Think about your winter coat or jacket. What’s your style? Are you a leather jacket type or a puffer coat lover? Either way, as you get deeper into the fall season, you’ll be reaching for that outer layer more often. Choose a versatile coat or jacket that you’ll love to wear each day and pair with your chic layered looks.

Build your cold-weather outfits layer by layer and watch the perfect fall ensemble emerge. Look no further than Tyler’s for these layering pieces! We’re the most fashionable Texas apparel store that can meet your fall needs. Now that you have these chic layering ideas to beat the chills this fall, create customizable looks that will keep you cozy all season long.