Essentials To Pack for a Warm-Weather Winter Getaway

Essentials To Pack for a Warm-Weather Winter Getaway

Jan 4th 2022

Are those cold, dreary winter days getting you down? Think about heading to somewhere warm for a little vacation, both from your everyday responsibilities and the gloomy weather. But if you’ve already refreshed your wardrobe for the cold season, your summer clothes may be buried at the back of your closet.

Take out those warm-weather duds and shake the dust out of them. It’s time to put your linen trousers and bathing suits back into action. Read this list of essentials to pack for a warm-weather winter getaway and keep it on hand as you fill your suitcase. With the right clothes and accessories, you’ll enjoy the warm weather even more and bring those sunny memories back home with you.

Thin Layers

Much as we wish we could, we can’t simply snap our fingers and materialize on the beach. We’ll have to travel. For your journey from a winter wonderland to a summery destination, dress strategically for the changes in temperature.

Begin your journey in long pants or fleece-lined leggings. Layer on top with a cotton T-shirt and one or two thin sweaters. Once you hit warmer weather, you can shed your thinner layers. If you pair warm leggings with a breezy dress, all you’ve got to do is take off those leggings once you feel the balmy weather. When you return home, reverse the process by layering up.

Bathing Suits

Note the plural use of “suits.” Pack more than one bathing suit—preferably three or four. Swimwear takes time to dry and doesn’t do well in the washing machine. If you plan on swimming every day during your getaway, have a couple of options to choose from.

Plus, when one suit is drip-drying in the bathroom, you won’t have to wait all that extra time. You’ll have a fresh suit to put on! Avoid wearing soggy trunks or bikinis all weekend by having backups.

White Clothing

The “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule is antiquated. Some speculate that the unofficial rule began as a simple practical choice—light colors for summer, dark colors for winter. People heralded Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer and a traditional day to pack away the white clothing.

Others speculate that socioeconomic class was part of the equation. People associated white clothing with wealth and lavish beach vacations at the turn of the 20th century. We also need to lander white more often, and wealthy people had more disposable income to spend on laundry. Wearing white after Labor Day indicated that the wearer was showing off their wealth and ability to take a late-season beach vacation.

These days, we’ve thrown that rule out the window. Winter getaways are no longer a privilege reserved for the ultra-rich. White is a stylish and practical choice for warm-weather destinations, no matter the time of year. Light fabrics reflect sunlight and keep you protected from excess heat. Plus, they’re stylish! A white crochet cover-up is a perfect accessory for a patterned bikini, and a soft white guayabera shirt fits wonderfully over swim trunks. Go for looser clothing so you can feel that warm breeze against your skin.

As you choose your white pieces, pay attention to fabrics as well. Thin yet durable cotton and linen will keep you cool, while thicker wool might get you feeling toasty. Choose loose linen trousers to pair with patterned shirts or blouses. Look for white cotton dresses, too. Eyelet lace and prairie styles are especially trendy right now, and they’re simply gorgeous in a crisp white.

Don’t discount wool completely, though! A white jacket in a lightweight merino is perfect for an evening dinner or beach picnic; even warmer destinations can feel a chill at night.

Casual Shoes

Forget about pulling on wool socks and lacing up your winter boots. For the next few days, you’ll be kicking it in warmth and sunshine. Plus, if you're spending time on the beach, you’ll need shoes that slide on and off with ease.

Flip-flops are a classic and versatile choice, but why not amp up your sandal game with a pair of classic Birkenstocks, too? Tyler’s carries dozens of styles, from buckled sandals to classic clogs. If you’re looking to buy Birkenstocks online for your next winter getaway, why not pick up a couple of pairs? Many of our summery two-strap sandals are made from waterproof EVA, perfect for a day at the beach or pool. We also carry shearling-lined options, both sandals and clogs, for when you arrive home and want to keep those feet toasty in more brisk weather.

If you’re meeting up with friends for dinner or a swankier party, have a pair of sleeker shoes on hand. Boat shoes are a classic look for guys, boasting casual comfort with an upscale vibe. For ladies, a pair of simple ballet flats, either in white or a bright candy color, will bring a sense of fun to your evening look.

Cotton Necessities

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of cotton in warm weather. It’s light, it’s breezy, and it keeps you cool. Cotton also happens to be a very absorbent fabric; it soaks up your sweat and keeps you from feeling swampy and grimy later in the day.

Pack cotton underthings and necessities like socks and pajamas (or whatever ensemble you wear to sleep). On especially warm nights, you’ll thank yourself for bringing along thin, breathable jammies. For warm-weather vacations, natural fibers are your best friend. Fast-fashion staples like rayon and polyester will keep you sweaty and sticky all week long.

Sunny Accessories

What’s a warm-weather vacation bag without sunglasses? Before you journey to sunnier climates, make sure you’re prepared. Bring at least three pairs of shades along so you’re never unprepared.

Sun hats are also mandatory for keeping your skin protected from a sunburn. (Remember sunburn? After months of blustery winter weather, you may have forgotten what too much sun can do.) A straw sun hat adds a summery vibe to your wardrobe. If you see rain in the forecast, consider a lightweight wool hat; wool is water-resistant. The droplets will sit on top of your hat instead of soaking through.

Finish off your sun protection kit with a bottle of heavy-duty sunscreen (at least SPF 45) and plenty of lip balm with UV protection. Keep some on you at all times.

This winter, as you pack for your sunny destination, remember a few rules of thumb. Natural fibers will do wonders for you, light colors will keep you cool, and adequate sun protection will keep you both safe and stylish. You know how to dress for summer—you do it every year. Brush up on your styling skills and remember these essentials to pack for a warm-weather winter getaway as you anticipate your balmy vacation.

Essentials To Pack for a Warm-Weather Winter Getaway