How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Dress

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Dress

Apr 18th 2022

When you think of the major changes you experienced due to the pandemic, does your clothing choices rank highly on your list? Most likely, you haven’t given much thought to the way that COVID-19 has changed the way you dress. Beyond the obvious spend all day in pajamas, there have been major shifts in our fashion post lockdown.

The Mask Trend

The trend toward masks as a fashion statement seems to be growing. If we must wear them, why not make them fun? But with the pandemic still raging around the world and many places still requiring masks for entry into public spaces. Many people have found a way to get creative and use their masks as a chance to show off their personality or make a statement. The options are endless.

T-Shirts and Sweatpants

In the era of COVID-19, some people don’t see the point of a dress code, and they prefer to work from home in T-shirts and sweatpants. Before COVID-19, there was pressure to look professional and put together every day, which is honestly exhausting sometimes.

However, when considering how COVID-19 has changed the way we dress, you have to consider professional attire. Nowadays, dress codes are out; comfort is king! Despite so many changes brought on by the pandemic, this one seems to be here to stay. Pair these with a scarf or blazer, and you can be comfortable and presentable. Texas clothing stores will ship your new clothes directly to your front door! You don’t have to live in the Lonestar state, and you don’t even have to get dressed to go shopping!

Zoom Wear

The idea of business casual has changed. We have all found new ways of dressing in this era of Zoom meetings and socially distant gatherings. But just because you aren’t going into the office doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sense of style. We can still be comfortable and stylish with a few simple items:

  • Keep the top professional; no brand logos or cut off sleeves
  • Choose your bottoms for comfort, and keep your camera angled from the waist up
  • Include accessories
  • Shoes are optional

No Shoes, No Problem

If you’re like me, you didn’t notice how uncomfortable your shoes were until they became optional. But I’m not the only one thinking this way. In the United States, we tend to wear shoes everywhere, all the time. With COVID-19 restrictions keeping more people at home than ever before, more of us are discovering that being barefoot can be more comfortable than wearing shoes. The lack of foot pain alone is reason enough for me to continue working from home in my socks as much as possible!

Minimalist Accessories

It makes sense that minimalism is having a moment. Consider a gold chain necklace with a small pendant that goes well with everything. Or choose a classic pair of stud earrings that are neither boring nor over the top, and don’t forget your watch strap. Keep yourself on time for your virtual calls with a smartwatch, and share your personality with your design choice.

While the pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has changed the way we dress forever. Many companies allow employees to work from home permanently, and dining out may never be the same as before. When we think about these changes, there are pros and cons, but there is a positive side that many of us can enjoy: comfort. With more time at home, you can wear whatever clothes make you happy and comfortable.