How To Choose the Best Activewear

How To Choose the Best Activewear

Oct 14th 2020

Wearing the appropriate fitness gear can boost your activity levels when working out. With the right combination of factors, you can take your exercise to the next level. Here is how to choose the best activewear.

Friendly Fit

Lots of activewear is form-fitting and reasonably tight. Though this does help with mobility and flexibility, if your clothing is too tight, it can cut off circulation or inhibit your movements. On the other hand, if you wear workout clothes that are too loose or too big, you may find yourself continuously adjusting them throughout your exercise routine, which can become exceedingly annoying and distracting. Also, baggy clothing can make it difficult to move quickly or effectively when running or moving around.

Take your body shape into account when you’re looking for the right activewear. Whether you are petite or tall, extra small or plus size, there are workout clothes that will fit your shape well. To ensure a good fit when you are trying on new activewear, move around in it and try doing a few squats to make sure the fabric moves with you. A good fit can go a long way toward keeping your workouts effective.

Cool and Dry

The materials of your activewear are essential to your overall fitness experience. If you wear clothes that trap heat and sweat, you are in for a tiresome and frustrating workout. That is why many fitness clothing manufacturers have developed cooler and drier fabrics. Some of these items wick water away from your body, leaving your skin much drier. Increased breathability keeps air flowing between your body and the outside environment. If you can stay cooler and drier, you will feel energized and comfortable enough to finish every workout well.

Still Stylish

Athleisure has grown into a huge market in recent years, and the variety in color, style, and trend has expanded with it. When choosing your activewear, look for colors that match your personal style. Whether you want to try leggings in highlighter yellow or solid black is entirely up to you. Though you can keep it simple for your sports bras, tops, and bottoms, think about making a statement with your shoes or coat. By incorporating bold colors or patterns into these exterior pieces, you can concentrate your personality and style on smaller items—like shoes or hats—and removable ones—like coats or warmup sweatpants.

Stay Warm

Though the weather is becoming colder, you may want to continue investing in cool activewear. When you are at the peak of your workout, your body temperature is considerably warmer than at the start. You will not want heat-trapping fabrics to hinder your peak performance. The solution to staying simultaneously warm and cool is to wear layers.

With two or three layers of breathable fabrics, you can add clothing for warmth at the beginning and end of your workout but give yourself the ability to remove items at the apex of your routine. There are many women’s outerwear jackets and pullovers that will keep you warm when exercising outside. Staying warm can even help your muscles relax and keep them from overextending.

Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes are one of the most important parts of your activewear wardrobe. Though you may cycle through several tops and bottoms each week for exercise, you usually have only a few pairs of athletic shoes. When selecting shoes to work out in, be sure that they are comfortable, especially when you are running or moving around. If you will be using them for specific purposes, such as running or lifting, find the brands or styles that will meet your needs. A quality pair of shoes will last you a long time and help sustain you through a long run or a strenuous workout.

The Right Socks

Socks can make or break a workout. If your feet become too sweaty and wet while working out, you may start to feel uncomfortable and lose momentum. If your feet become too cold and numb while running outside, you may also feel discouraged from exercising in the cold weather. The right pair of socks can help you manage the moisture and warmth of your feet. Similar to other activewear products, look for water-wicking materials that will keep your feet as dry as possible. Also, look for socks that are thick enough to preserve the warmth in your shoes. Because your body focuses heat and circulation around your core while active, you need quality protection for your extremities.

Additional Features

Many activewear items have additional features that provide extra comfort, security, or convenience. One of the most common features is a pocket. Leggings often do not have sewn-in pockets, so if you know that you will need extra storage, find bottoms that have pocket space. If you will be running outdoors or near roads, be sure to find clothing with reflective patches. These will keep you safe if you run in the dark—which will happen more frequently with shorter winter days. If you need a place to hold your music, look for a thin jacket or hoodie that can store your phone against your body with a hole for headphones to slide through. If you can identify your workout preferences, you’ll be able to decide which additional features work best for you.

Update Over Time

If you have been consistently hitting the gym for a year or more, it may be time to consider updating your closet. Though it is an incredible accomplishment to be continuously active over a long period, your activewear will wear out. Whether it is frayed edges, over-stretched fabrics, unseemly sweat stains, or thinning patches, your gym clothes need replacing. Update your wardrobe from time to time, and throw a new pair of shoes, a fun sports bra, or a fresh pair of leggings into the mix. If you have a favorite top, think about finding more of that style or brand. By replenishing your activewear collection frequently, you will be well-stocked to keep exercising in the future.

Knowing how to choose the best activewear can help you optimize your next trip to the gym. By dressing the right way, you can perform with precision and perseverance. If you are looking for quality activewear, consider visiting Tyler’s online or in-person at one of our Texas stores.

How To Choose the Best Activewear