How to Save Space and Minimize Wrinkles When Packing Clothes

How to Save Space and Minimize Wrinkles When Packing Clothes

Sep 15th 2021

Treat your clothes well by packing them efficiently when you prepare for your next trip. When you put a little extra thought into packing, you’ll be able to fit more clothes into your bag or suitcase! Follow these tips and learn how to save space and minimize wrinkles when packing clothes.

Pack Easy Fabrics

Before you put anything in your bag or suitcase, look at the label. What kind of fabric is it? What kind of care does it require? Consider leaving your finicky clothes at home and opting for wrinkle-free options. High-performance fabrics don’t wrinkle as easily. So when you’re shopping, check out a Texas clothing company like Tyler’s for your travel fashion needs.

Roll Your Casuals

Look at the t-shirts, jeans, and jammies you’re packing. Fold them vertically (along seams if you see them). Make sure to fold sleeves back, then roll the clothing pieces like tight sushi rolls. To save extra space, stack a couple of t-shirts on top of one another, carefully folding them along the seams. Then roll them up together.

Layer With Plastic

Take extra care to sheath dresses and hanging shirts in plastic garment bags before packing them flat. Friction is the biggest cause of wrinkles. So, if you insulate your fancier pieces with layers of plastic in between them, they won’t rub together. Dry cleaning bags are popular options.

Organize With Bags

Instead of cramming socks and underwear into your bag at the last minute, stash them in mesh laundry bags and pack them at the same time as your other items. You’ll use your space more efficiently and avoid wrinkles on your clothes from bras and socks wedged around them.

Pack Strategically

Let’s look at all the items you’ve rolled, folded, and stashed. Create a solid base layer with folded sweaters and bulkier items. Gently layer flat pieces (remember the dress shirts in those garment bags) in the center and cushion the sides of your suitcase with rolled-up items. You can tuck small laundry bags into side pockets or open spaces. Be careful with your shoes; stacking them on top will press down on the rest of your clothes and may create wrinkles. Place them around the edges of your bag.

Next time you pack a getaway bag, ensure space efficiency and wrinkle resistance by being strategic with your packing. Get as many outfits as you can into that bag, and check out Tyler’s, the premier Texas clothing company, for travel fashion inspiration. Now you know how to save space and minimize wrinkles when packing clothes. Your new expertise will be invaluable in the future.