How to Style a Casual Romper for an Evening Out

How to Style a Casual Romper for an Evening Out

Oct 1st 2021

Rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls are all stylish and whimsical alternatives to dresses. Some fit perfectly at a family picnic, and others blend seamlessly into a nightclub environment. How will you wear yours? Learn how to style a casual romper for an evening out, and you may find yourself wearing one for all kinds of occasions!

Choose Your Romper

There’s a plethora of ladies’ casual jumpsuits on the market, from delicate florals to classic black. What do you want the base of your outfit to look like? Think about color, fabric, and cut. A sleeveless black romper is a modern twist on the little black dress, and it makes a useful addition to your wardrobe due to its versatility. Choose a romper or jumpsuit you’ll want to wear on multiple occasions. Whether it’s a satiny romper in your favorite color or a cotton jumpsuit with delicate stripes, pick a base that makes you feel confident.

Create a Silhouette

Evening wear has more opportunities for fun and customization than business-casual duds. Shape your basic romper into the foundation of a killer outfit by adding a structured jacket or a daring belt. A loose jumpsuit with a cinched waist is playful without being too casual. Make the shape of your romper work for you; if it’s got a plunging neckline, a simple blazer (unbuttoned, of course) accentuates that plunge. Shoes are also a part of this silhouette. To lengthen your legs while wearing a short romper, go for a pair of nude heels. Longer jumpsuits pair playfully with chunky heels or eye-catching flats.

Add Accessories

A romper, especially one in a solid color, can look a little plain without any accessories. Think of it as adding dimension to your outfit. If you were painting a picture, these are the highlights and shadows. Depending on the color of your romper, be conscious of your jewelry. If the romper is in a neutral shade with an unfussy pattern, a bright necklace or chunky bracelets will complete the look. If you’re rocking fuchsia or canary yellow, simple gold accents are your best friend. Top off your ensemble with your favorite simple clutch and you’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for an unconventional evening ensemble, a ladies’ casual jumpsuit or romper might be just the ticket. They’ve got the all-over look of dresses with the unexpected silhouette of shorts or pants. It’s easy to style a casual romper for an evening out, so shake up your wardrobe and add a unique touch from Tyler’s to your next night-out look.