How To Turn Your Style Into an Instagram-Worthy Aesthetic

How To Turn Your Style Into an Instagram-Worthy Aesthetic

Aug 15th 2022

Your Instagram aesthetic is the first thing potential supporters will notice if you’re an aspiring social media influencer or brand ambassador. Your style, personality, content, color scheme, layout, and the overall tone of your Instagram page make up your aesthetic and can help you gain followers or send them on their way.

A carefully curated Instagram that showcases your personality and style is one of the best ways to grow your following while building brand awareness. While this sounds simple in theory, creating a successful aesthetic that is unique and personal can be tricky. To assist you on your journey to becoming a successful social media influencer and help you connect with your followers, here’s a quick guide on how to turn your style into an Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

Determine Your Personal Style

Before you can turn your style into an Instagram aesthetic, you must really understand your personal preferences. We live in a constantly changing world, and keeping up with different trends—from fashion to dances to content styles—is often challenging. Many former social media influencers and brand ambassadors failed to find their personal style and stuck to trends, making them irrelevant as time progressed. To remain influential even through changing times, you must perfect your personal aesthetic.

Finding your unique style and niche will set you apart from others and put you in your own lane, but how do you find your style?

How To Find Your Personal Style

Your personal style is the way you express yourself through accessories and clothing. The difference between fashion and style is that fashion refers to the expression of collective trends, while style relates to the individual and how they interpret fashion. Style is a long-term investment in yourself, wearing items that speak to you and bring you joy.

Developing your style doesn’t happen overnight—it takes time, trial and error, and reflection. Seeking inspiration from all forms of media can help you mold your personal style. For example, taking inspiration from vintage fashion magazines and interpreting them for the modern era is a form of personal style. If your personal preference is lifestyle apparel, embrace it and build your wardrobe with silhouettes and designs that best suit you.

It would help to create a visual board of items you gravitate toward to assist in developing a personal style. After seeking inspiration, reflect on your current wardrobe. How do these clothes make you feel when you wear them? Are you confident? If not, start donating clothes that no longer serve a purpose and build your closet with staples that make you feel secure and your best.

Know Your Audience

After you’ve found your personal style, you’ll need to find an audience that will appreciate your preferences and content. When curating your Instagram, be clear about who your target audience is so your aesthetic will appeal to them; you want your followers to relate to you and feel like they belong.

Finding Your Aesthetic

Your personal style will help develop an Instagram aesthetic. Is your style dark and moody, bright and sunny, or bold and innovative? Think about how you can convey your style through pictures for your feed. When taking these pictures, remember your backgrounds, color-grading, and lighting. Taking pictures in gloomy or dark settings won’t correlate with your aesthetic if you're going for a light and airy vibe.

To help you find your aesthetic, try creating a mood board—a series of photos with similar vibes or aesthetics. Creating a mood board will help inspire you and get the creative juices flowing to help you with your next post.

Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

You need two things to have a cohesive Instagram aesthetic: a color scheme and a theme. Before seeking post engagement, you can gain attention by having a consistent color palette and theme throughout your feed. This will help your Instagram look uniform and less confusing to your followers. It’s important to note that you can include other colors on your feed, but you want your primary color palette to show up most often. Additionally, similar lighting and filters throughout your Instagram feed are essential to keep your page cohesive.

To turn your style into an Instagram-worthy aesthetic, focus on a theme that involves your personal style and interests. Sticking to a theme also means staying true to composition guidelines and photography styles. Consistency can be tricky, especially if you begin working with brands or other social media influencers. However, working with people and companies with similar passions will help you stay true to your theme.

Again, it’s important to note that not all Instagram pages that follow a theme also follow a color palette, and that’s okay! You will set yourself apart from others if you have an overall article and personal aesthetic that follows your passion.

Keep Up With Current Media Trends

As stated before, trends are constantly changing—including media trends. Although you want to be true to your style, engaging in some media trends may benefit you. Participating in these trends while maintaining your overall theme and style is doable as long as you don’t get consumed by the trend. Some current Instagram trends in 2022 include:

Unedited Photo Dumps

Showing the unedited reality of your daily adventures—imperfections and all—is a new trend taking Instagram by storm. From your high school classmates to celebrities, everyone is showing off their candid photos. Ultimately, this trend aims to give you a glimpse of unfiltered life.

Taking pictures of you and your friends eating pizza followed by a view of the environment around you or a funny video makes the photo dump special—you don’t know what you’ll get next. You can stay on theme with this trend by sticking to the same photo compositions or colors as your other pictures.

Blurred Photos

Another trend that ties in with living in the moment and capturing movement is the blurred photo trend. In 2022, all of our outlooks on life changed. As a society, we’re more into capturing the moments around us and taking them as is—thus, the blurry picture aesthetic was born.

‘70s Inspiration

In music, media, and fashion, the ‘70s are coming back. You can include inspiration from the ‘70s in many ways, from funky fonts to groovy aesthetics. You can also incorporate greens, blues, and pinks into your style to contribute to this trend.

Turning your personal style into an Instagram-worthy aesthetic takes time, creativity, and reflection. It’s all about expressing yourself and helping others do the same. Use these tips to help you find your personal style and create an unstoppable Instagram feed.

How To Turn Your Style Into an Instagram-Worthy Aesthetic