Must-Have Activewear for the Fall

Must-Have Activewear for the Fall

Sep 23rd 2020

It is no secret that fashion changes with time and season. Keep up with the latest trends and brands for the upcoming autumn weather by stocking up on the essentials. This guide to the must-have activewear for the fall will get you out the door and to the gym, road, or trail in style. Here are some of the best items to add to your closet this month.

Multifunctional Vest

A multifunctional vest is the best way to add style and warmth to your fall attire. A slightly puffy vest can go over any outfit and help protect you from the colder fall weather. A vest is a great addition to your activewear repertoire because it gives you the mobility you need when exercising. Some styles are water repellent and heat retentive, which helps keep you warm and dry as you run in brisk fall weather. Vests also act as a great storage option for your phone, keys, or cards, allowing you to focus on your workout.

Light Jacket

We’ve all had the experience of becoming overheated while being active, simply because of poor clothing choice. A light jacket is the perfect solution for unpredictable autumn temperatures. Providing you with the warmth you need, it can help sustain your workout outdoors when you otherwise would become too cold or too overheated with other clothing selections. Some styles even have water-wicking technology and breathable fabric that help you stay dry and comfortable.


The hoodie is a classic activewear option. You may own one or you may own a dozen; a hoodie is versatile in all sorts of situations—it is the queen of women’s casual outerwear. Offering more warmth and protection than the light jacket, a hoodie helps you stay warm before and after your workout. If you tend to get chilly while working out, a hoodie might be the preferable option over a light jacket. Depending on the style of hoodie you choose, you can store your phone and other valuables within interior pockets while working out. The cornerstone of the hoodie design is the hood itself, which offers extra warmth and coverage when the wind is creeping down your neck. Even if you already own a few, consider finding a hoodie with newer fabric technology that can keep you drier while exercising.

Sports Bra

A quality sports bra can go a long way. Similar to other often-worn clothing, sports bras can stretch out, fray, and lose their shape over time. This fall, you need to have a sports bra or two that you can rely on for whatever the workout demands. Especially during colder months, look for a sports bra that is thick enough to provide support and warmth but also the right size, color, or overall shape to look stylish when layering. When you find the right style and size that will keep you warm and supported, you’ll feel even more confident working out.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts work in many situations. If you are one of those people who get overheated when being active, bike shorts are a great way to provide more coverage than running shorts while also giving you the room you need to breathe. Or if you like to layer when working out, bike shorts are a great way to go. Because they are tighter and closer to the body, they work well underneath a pair of athletic shorts or skirt, allowing you to feel simultaneously stylish and warm.

Quick-Dry Leggings

The world of leggings is vast with many fabric types, styles, and functionalities. Quick-dry leggings are perfect for workouts in cooler seasons. When working out, you often work up a considerable sweat. But without the right fabric, working out in leggings can be uncomfortable and sticky. Try a pair of quick-dry leggings that wick moisture away from your legs and keep them dry. These activewear bottoms are the perfect solution for high-performance workouts when friction and sweat are at their highest.

Cropped Leggings

Quick-dry leggings may focus on material type, but cropped leggings center on style. These types of leggings cut off below the knee and allow your lower shins and ankles to breathe. When running in the nippy fall air, you may need some exposed skin to cool off your body. Cropped leggings give you just that, all with style! Lightweight and durable, these are a great alternative for those who like to run in shorts during warmer months.


Sweatpants, like hoodies, are super comfortable and allow you to stay warm before and after a good workout by keeping your sweaty clothes underneath from chilling you. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, sweatpants can help hold your phone and keys while jogging. Get ready for some great outdoor workouts by bringing a pair of sweatpants along. When you are done with your run, you can throw them over your leggings and preserve the heat you built while exercising.

Thick Socks

If you are going for long walks outdoors or hiking beautiful fall trails, you should consider finding a pair of thick socks. Thicker socks help your feet stay comfortably warm. This is especially important while exercising in colder temperatures because it helps retain heat around your extremities. Since you will likely be sweating while wearing them, look for moisture-resistant socks that keep your feet dry. This will provide a fresh, energized experience!

Durable Shoes

Especially during colder months, walking or running outside can mean more leaves, sticks, and even snow on the ground. Get a pair of durable shoes you can run long distances in without worrying about undue wear and tear. If you plan to wear thick socks with these shoes, try them on together so you know how your feet will feel when you get active in the future. Be sure to find durable and warm shoes that can weather whatever the elements throw your way.

Use this guide to must-have activewear for the fall to get ready for some fall fun! You have many quality workouts, hikes, and runs in your future—make sure you are well-equipped to handle them with style and ease.

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