New Holiday Family Photo Outfit Styles To Try This Year

New Holiday Family Photo Outfit Styles To Try This Year

Dec 13th 2021

The holidays are a classic time of year to have professional family photos taken, whether they’ll be on a Christmas card or simply hung up in the home. However, you and your family might be tired of fancy clothes and fake poses. How can you bring holiday cheer to your photo shoot and make it the best one yet? Infuse a little fun into those pics with these new holiday family photo outfit styles to try this year.


You can make a great photo shoot by getting matching, festive-themed pajamas for the whole family. The pajamas could have patterns of snowflakes or candy canes, for instance. Doing a family photo in cute winter pajamas will bring a natural smile to everyone’s face. They’re comfy, warm, and will make the photo shoot fun for everyone.

Unique Hats

Forgo the old red Santa hat this year and pick up some classic Texas hats like trucker hats and ballcaps. You don’t necessarily have to be seasonal with your annual photo! It can actually be more fun with a totally different theme. What about an outdoorsy style with flannels, vests, and matching trucker hats?

Switch the Seasons

You could pull out all the stops for a summer-themed holiday photo shoot. Wear colors you don’t often see this time of year, like cerulean and aquamarine, and think of the beach as you smile for the camera. It’s an excuse to pull out your straw sun hats—and maybe even bathing suits!—

Play Dress-Up

Channel the spirit of Halloween and brainstorm costumes for the family. Some folks go traditional with elf costumes and jingly bells, but why not think outside the box? Wear coordinating superhero shirts and strike heroic poses. Or dress as characters from your favorite movie, holiday-themed or otherwise. (Die Hard is a popular movie this time of year!)

This holiday season as you prepare for your annual photo, ditch the stuffy formals and think outside the box. Iconic Texas hats and caps offer casual chic, while creative costumes catch the eye. These new holiday family photo outfit styles to try this year will be a hit with your family and other loved ones.