The Best Jackets To Keep in Your Closet for Summer

The Best Jackets To Keep in Your Closet for Summer

Apr 28th 2021

As the seasons change, you likely start to cycle out your heavy coats and thick pants. While much of this process begins in the spring, it happens in earnest as summertime approaches. Here are the best jackets to keep in your closet for summer.


Spring is known as one of the rainiest seasons, but summer also comes with its own hot, wet rain showers. It may be fun to jump around in the puddles and sing in the rain, but you should probably do so with your raincoat on. Keep this lightweight coat on the rack in case of rainy days and bad weather to ensure you stay dry without overheating.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is in. Leather, nylon, polyester—there are dozens of variations, colors, styles, and fits to choose from. While these materials may trap a bit of heat, they are the perfect style for summer. The cropped torso and thinner fabric make it a fairly breathable option for a summer day.

Denim Jacket

Jean jackets work year-round and make for a seriously fashionable look. However, don’t put them away just because the sun is out again. Denim jackets are quite comfortable in summer and are the cherry on top of a cute outfit.


Just like the rain, the wind doesn’t stop simply because it is summer. Depending on where you live, summer may even be the windiest season. So, keep a nice windbreaker on deck for those instances when you need to beat the strong winds on a cloudy day.

Light Blazer

Regrettably, you still have to go to work in the summer instead of enjoying the warm sun on your back at the beach or park. So, have a light blazer on hand for your days at the office. Or, if you are going on a day out or having a date night, a light blazer will go a long way toward dressing up your summery outfit. If possible, though, stick to lighter hues to blend into the colorful warmth of summer.

Remember the best jackets to keep in your closet for summer as you switch out your wardrobe. If you notice you don’t have any lightweight coats for the upcoming season, check out our selection of women’s outerwear jackets at Tyler’s for inspiration.