The Complete Closet Cleanout Guide

The Complete Closet Cleanout Guide

Mar 10th 2021

If you notice that your closet is a mess, you likely feel the pressure to clean it up. A clean closet brings structure and balance to your home that you otherwise wouldn’t feel. If you want to dive headfirst into this home project, here is the complete closet cleanout guide.

Set a Time

Have you noticed the signs your closet needs a complete overhaul? Cleaning your closet is a long and often arduous process that feels overwhelming. Instead of avoiding this looming project, set a time to knock it out within the next week. When you hold yourself to a schedule, you feel like you can finally make a dent in the project. Though it may take a few more goes, taking the first steps into your disorganized closet is the key to success. Make sure you set achievable goals for the time you allot. For example, accept that you cannot clean out and organize your whole closet in 30 minutes. Instead, choose tasks you know you can accomplish for the time being and come back later.

Resist the Desire To Hoard

The closet often ends up as the catch-all for all those little knick-knacks and clothes that you forgot you owned and put away for future use. Yet months or even years have gone by without even touching them. You must resist the desire to hoard these items, especially if your goal is to clean out your closet. Those pants that fit you three years ago but you haven’t worn since? Gone.

Utilize Storage Solutions

The biggest mistake people make when cleaning out their closets is putting the remaining items back where they were before. This may seem like less of a hassle, but this will quickly lead you back to a messy closet. Utilize storage solutions and make a lasting lifestyle change. When you commit to cleanliness long-term with storage solutions, you feel the urge to keep them up over time. With the right equipment, your clean closet can stay that way for many months to come.

You can read through the complete closet cleanout guide, but the real change happens when you take control of your closet. With the right planning, you can feel cleaner and more organized in your life. If you notice a need for more clothes after removing the items that don’t fit anymore, check out our selection at Tyler’s, the premier Texas clothing store that can meet all your wardrobe needs.