Things To Consider When Buying New Running Shoes

Things To Consider When Buying New Running Shoes

Nov 9th 2021

Stay comfortable and in top shape when you run by investing in the right shoes for you. Though all the color and style options are mesmerizing, think about your foot health first and foremost. A few things to consider when buying new running shoes will point you in the right direction. Your feet will thank you after your next five-mile run.

Measure Your Foot

If you’re shopping in person at a shoe store, ask a sales associate to help you measure your foot. Even if you’re sure of your shoe size, it doesn’t hurt to double-check before you invest. If you’re surfing Tyler’s selection of ladies’ athletic shoes online, break out the tape measure and check your foot length against a standard sizing chart. Check your arch height by standing on a paper bag with damp feet and inspecting the footprint you leave. The curve along the inside of your foot should be a little less than half of your total foot width. Too fat, and you’ve got fallen arches. Too thin, and your arches are naturally high.

Be Good to Your Arches

Ignore what the shoe looks like on the outside for now, and take a look inside. The soles of the shoes should serve both your foot health and your running style. When you peer in at the soles, are they black or white? Black soles are carbon-based and are best suited for running on hard surfaces like sidewalks and asphalt. White soles are made of softer rubber and will serve you well on a treadmill or padded surface.

Ignore Your Friends

Sure, it sounds mean. But just because your friend gushes about the cushy feel of her ladies’ athletic shoes doesn’t mean that the same pair will work for you. Be wary of online reviews for the same reason. You don’t know how these other folks’ feet function—somebody with extra-high arches isn’t going to give you valuable advice if you’ve got flat feet. Be selfish when you shop! You’re the one who’s going to run in these, not your friends or those online reviewers. Your comfort and foot health are what matter most, so tune out the chatter and focus on your own needs.

As you shop Tyler’s vast collection of running shoes, think of your own needs before fretting over style and trend. These things to consider before buying new running shoes will put you on the right track, so to speak, and get you running comfortably!