Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Winter Jacket

Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Winter Jacket

Oct 19th 2020

Styling your kids can be a hassle, especially when the colder months come and they need to layer up. To save you some time, here are a few tips for choosing your child’s winter jacket.

Find the Best Fit

The first thing to do is to find a coat that will fit your child best. If you have a jacket that is too baggy, there will be space where cold air can seep in. If it is too tight, your child will be uncomfortable and unable to move around easily. Look for winter jackets that are snug around their torso and arms but still allow room for movement. Also, be sure the coat is long enough, extending past their waist. Jackets that do not cover their entire midsection can leave them chilled. Ask your child how they like the fit of the jacket and allow them to help you select the coat. Since they are the ones who will wear it all winter, they should feel comfortable and confident in their jacket.

Get Something Warm

Your kids may be adventurous and spend lots of time outdoors, even when it is frigid outside. Therefore, it is essential to find a warm winter jacket. Go one or two levels warmer than you may think is necessary. Depending on what your kids are doing or where they play outside, they could be exposed to the cold for several hours on end. Though they may think it is too hot with their jacket, it is best to give them the option of taking off the outer layer when they become overheated. Layering with a heavy jacket can keep everyone warm and safe all winter long.

Check the Material

Children wear their winter coats around snow, ice, and sometimes rain. Look for winter jackets that are waterproof to keep them dry as well as warm. Be sure to find breathable fabric—this keeps your children from having sweat chills. Coats also have varying types of insulation. You can usually tell when a puffy jacket provides substantial insulation, but many lightweight options also have heat-trapping fibers. Furthermore, consider the types of clothing your child will wear underneath the coat and how the materials will interact. By decreasing any snagging or friction, your child will stay cozier when wearing the coat.

Use these tips for choosing your child’s winter jacket so your kids can stay warm through the coldest months. If you are looking for girls’ outerwear or other clothing for your children this winter, check out our newest items here at Tyler’s today!