Why Fall Is the Best Time To Get Active

Why Fall Is the Best Time To Get Active

Oct 1st 2020

Between the fresh air, cool temperatures, and colorful scenery, autumn is an amazing time to enjoy life outdoors. Here are the top reasons why fall is the best time to get active.

Stay Cooler for Longer

The cooler autumn air helps your body regulate heat better. As opposed to summer or winter, when you’re trying to cool down or heat up rapidly, the fall air chills your skin while allowing you to retain your warmth. You also don’t have to get as sweaty. The effect of cooler weather and drier skin allows you to last longer and go farther when you work out. Consider adding more time to your workout routine and see how you perform.

Unique and Colorful Views

The fall leaves give everyone a reason to enjoy the view. The time you spend getting active outdoors is often a unique experience during the fall due to the colorful foliage and leaf-blanketed ground. Whether you are hiking, running, cycling, or walking, the scenery during autumn is like no other and is often invigorating during a workout. Try finding a new trail to hike or set up morning walks with a friend so that you can enjoy the trees as they turn.

Better Clothing Options

During the summer, you can overheat too quickly to wear or carry extra clothing. In winter, the opposite is true—no matter how many layers you have, it is too cold to take them off. But during the fall, you have better clothing options than you get at any other time of year. You can layer several thin pieces of clothing and take off a few as you warm up, allowing you to control your body temperature. If you are looking to cultivate your outdoor autumn wardrobe, check out our women’s lifestyle clothing here at Tyler’s.

An Easier Routine

During the fall, many people have established routines that weren’t necessary during the summer. Often, the gym is less crowded because people have other activities in their personal or family life that start in the fall. If you are establishing your fall routine, it is easier to add time to work out and get active when you have more structure in your life. Consider starting the day off with a morning workout or ending the day with meditative yoga outdoors.

After reading these reasons that fall is the best time to get active, all that is left is for you to get out there and enjoy the turning seasons.