Winter Outfits for Kids: How To Combine Function and Fashion

Winter Outfits for Kids: How To Combine Function and Fashion

Jan 7th 2022

When your kids head out for recess, make sure their clothes insulate them properly against the cold—but don’t neglect their style! Here’s a handy guide for putting together winter outfits for kids, and how to combine function and fashion.

Strategic Layering

You probably do this when dressing yourself for the weather. Start with a soft, breathable inner layer like long underwear or a thermal shirt; make sure the fabric is soft enough for young skin. (Ditch cotton for the winter and opt for fleece or merino.)

The middle layer insulates them during cold days. It’s also the perfect place to show off your young one’s sense of style! T-shirts do well over thermal underwear, as do snappy little cardigans and sweaters.

Their outer layer will protect them from wind, rain, and snow. Wriggle them into waterproof snow pants and zip up their puffy parka, and the clothes underneath won’t get wet. Just make sure not to over-layer—if they get sweaty and damp, those cold winds will make them shiver!

The Right Jacket

How cold is it outside? Check the weather forecast every morning before dressing your young ones for the day. Some days really do call for that insulated parka, whether it’s filled with down or a synthetic material.

If you feel a chill in the air but no snow or rain in sight, you can go easier on the insulation. Shop with your kids for fashionable zip-ups or corduroy jackets lined with fleece. For fashion inspiration, browse Tyler’s Marmot outdoor clothing and get a feel for your kid’s stylistic leanings.

Finishing Touches

Little fingers and ears get cold fast. What’s a puffy parka without a snug, secure hood? Even with hooded jackets and turtleneck sweaters, extra warmth will keep your young one safe from frostbite. Berets are fashionable, but you’ll want a snug hat that fits over your child’s ears. Go for a beanie or hunting cap with ear flaps.

Don’t skimp on gloves or mittens, either! Those cheap gloves you see at the grocery store are convenient in a pinch, but they get soaking wet the minute your kid makes a snowball. Go for waterproof gloves or mittens lined with snuggly fleece. (Mittens are a better bet for babies and younger children; you’ll save the hassle of fitting every finger where it belongs.)

Top off their look with a warm, colorful scarf. If you or someone in your family likes to knit or crochet, create a little masterpiece your young one can wear all winter.

This chilly season, bundle up your young one in style. Get their input when shopping for wintry ensembles and put together looks that are both warm and fashionable. It’s easy to combine function and fashion in winter outfits for kids; ask them what they love and find the warmest possible variety.