Kuhl Men's Resistor Lite Chino Klassik Pant - Carbon

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Designed to feel weightless, the ALL NEW KÜHL RESISTOR LITE CHINO KLASSIK is the perfect summer pant. Experience the cool comfort of shorts with the sun protection of pants. Super stretch, unmatched rebound, and a soft, cotton, hand feel. Rugged enough to conquer the demands of the trail yet styled for more refined activities. Don't compromise. Resistance is futile.

  • Ultra-lightweight fabric
  • High abrasion resistance and performance fabric
  • Super stretch
  • Unmatched rebound
  • Reflective taping inside back pockets and inside bottom cuff for commuting
  • 70% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex
    • Machine wash cold with like colors, no bleach, tumble dry low
    • 170 GSM
    • Fit: Klassik
    • UPF 50


KÜHL’s story as an independent brand began in the snow-covered peaks of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. Relentless weather and challenging conditions taught us that if you’re courageous, remain humble, stay hungry and are kind to your community, then the independents will thrive.

Their goal is simple: source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best product with the least amount of environmental impact. KÜHL wants you to feel the durability and longevity of their products, so you feel confident that your gear will keep up with you. We’re all trying to work efficiently: articulated knees, gussets, stretch panels, reinforced pockets and cuffs will make sure you get to the peak of that mountain in comfort.  

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