Headline Deadliest Predator Tee

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Can you imagine anything deadlier than a T-Rex? We can. How about a T-Rex with a loaded gun? Just imagine. You're a small animal, 65 million years ago in what is now the American Northwest. Suddenly you see a giant Tyrannosaurus rex. Twelve feet high and 40 feet long. A mouth full of flesh-tearing teeth a foot long. Six tons of carnivorous rage. And as if that weren't enough... He's also got a gun! It's not like this was a fair fight to begin with, and now you have to contend with him pumping off high-velocity rounds at you? This hardly seems fair. I know they say nature is an arms race, but he took it a bit too literally.

  • Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight
  • Unisex sizing
  • 100% Cotton


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